Peter van Asselt, physiotherapist

My practice, FYSIOTHERAPIE ZEEBURGEREILAND, is at home and that means that you can almost always be helped within 24 hours - possibly also in the evening and at the weekend. Although I have 20 years of experience, I am constantly looking for new skills and insights. I use various techniques including: mobilization and massage techniques for movement complaints and improving posture; dry needling, a quick method of relaxing muscle and connective tissue structures in the body; shockwave therapy for chronic muscle and tendon complaints or kinesio tape that can help with the body's recovery processes. And if I can't help you, I can refer you. You can always call or app me: 0641401678

Santucia Gradner, psychosocial therapist

 With my practice GOED GEMOED, I focus on young people, adults and families who have been touched by illness, grief and / or loss. No culture or living situation is excluded. Grieving is a unique process that deserves individual attention. We also help companies and professionals with good guidance during illness, grief and loss and we provide tailor-made workshops and training. At Goed Gemoed we work with professionals who have extensive work experience and are also experts by experience. Want to know more about Goed Gemoed and our services, or do you want to contact us: click here.

Saskia van Muijlwijk, osteopath

Everything in the body needs movement to function properly, from muscles and joints to blood vessels and intestines. After all, everything in the body is connected. As an OSTEOPATH, I am trained to feel loss of movement and to determine what may be causing your complaints. The most common complaints are back and neck complaints, abdominal complaints, complaints during pregnancy, complaints in babies (for example: crying baby, reflux, preferred posture) and headache. Also for complaints where it is sometimes said: "you have to learn to live with that", treatment by an osteopath can be useful. You do not need a referral from your GP. Call me or app: 0627269452

Ester ter Hoeve, pt & orthomolecular therapist

In my practice SYNERGY Lifestyle it's all about your personal goals. I listen to your wishes, observe, and then create a program that is adapted to your needs on all fronts. This can be to get stronger, lose weight or just feel better about yourself. We offer personalized fitness and nutrition coaching. A holistic view of the body, which means that I take all aspects with me. My workouts are flexible so that they fit into your schedule (busy agenda). All training sessions preferably take place outside on the beautiful sports fields of Zeeburgereiland or at my own location. Careful guidance throughout the training, I explain and demonstrate the exercises. If you want to know more or contact us: click here.

Mariette Hermans, pt & critical allingment yoga

I have a lot of experience with back and shoulder complaints. Throughout our lives, the upper part of our back often curves and becomes stiffer. Complaints in the lower back, neck and shoulders are often related to this crooked position. CRITICAL ALIGNMENT YOGA strengthens the stretching of the back. As a physiotherapist I also have experience with tension-related complaints and lung covid. I also train/coach various exercise groups for 55+ and people with cancer. If you want to know more about my treatments, call or app me on: 0620797588

Margot van Essen, respiratory therapist & yoga-teacher

In our modern society, many ask themselves: relax, how do I actually do that? However, relaxation arises the moment you let go of striving to get somewhere. And the breath is essential for that. In my practice, KRACHTIGE EENVOUD, I use a holistic approach where yoga, breathwork and deep relaxation will help you get back to more energy, relaxation and connection with yourself and the people around you. Some symptoms that can be caused by a disturbed breathing pattern are: poor sleep, less ability to concentrate and remember, less ability to deal with stress, hyperventilation, shortness of breath, loss of clear thinking and creativity, feeling of panic and depression. Want to know more  or contact me? Click here



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